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The Max Factor Gene




Max Factor appears as a normal recessive gene. Which means that both parents have to be carriers of the gene before it will show up in a litter.

Max Factor kits are sometimes called frogs, due to their deformities and almost flipper like and twisted limbs.

    Max Factor is not the same as the recessive gene from Pituitary Dwarfism known as the peanut gene found commonly in rabbits carrying the double dwarf gene.

The double Dwarf gene produces peanuts, commonly seen as under formed rear quarters, a larger head and they will be smaller in size, sometimes half the size of other kits in the litter.

Max Factor will normally produce kits born with their eye slits open, and some form of deformation of the feet, sometimes appearing in the front feet as flipper like legs with no visible toes however some kits rather then having flippers, may have extra toes instead.

 The back feet will normally be turned upside down or twisted in towards the body.

 Upon close inspection you may also notice eyes to be infected, this is due to exposure in the birth canal, from the eyes not being sealed shut.

The double Max gene animals will also have a different type fur then other kits in the litter. It will both look and feel more like human hair, then like rabbit fur.

Max Factor kits on the left, notice the difference in the head shape.

These photos provided to the Rabbit Info Center by

Erica Martin

Erica's Itzzy Bitzzy Lop Inn
Holland Lops
Netherland Dwarfs

Thanks so much Erica!

This photo of a Holland Lop Max factor, shows good detail of how the deformity effects the legs in these kits.

Thank you Dan from Perrysburg New York, for submitted this photo to the rabbit info center.




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